Thursday, June 5, 2008


My owner and I have been working on the "find" command, so I thought you might want to see me in action! If you look you can see that I'm wearing my spy dog/therapy dog/search and rescue dog vest! My newest command is kind of similar. We're in the "heel" position, on a normal walk and then my owner "accidentally" drops something on the floor and tells me to get it, I pick it up and drop it in her hand, but sometimes I just pick it up and drop it before my owner is ready!



Shadow said...

You've been doing really well!

Your owner/trainer

The Brax Blog said...

I like the video!
My trainer says I can't learn commands like that. But you keep learning, you can be a really smart dog someday!
even if I can't do neat tricks):
I think service dogs for people in wheel chairs, learn commands kind of like "find"