Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey everybody!!! We just got back from the beach! We left on Wednesday and got back today!!!


Well on Monday we were all getting ready for our big beach trip! So my owner asked her parents if they could check real quick, just to make sure they allowed pets and this is what we saw:

So as you can guess we wer all pretty freaked out about it! So after a walk my owner's dad called his friend (it was his beach house) and he had a dog and he lived in on eof the Pets Allowed spots! And better yet, he had a fence in the back yard so I didn't hardly ever have to wear a leash!!!

The ride up

Well then came the hard part---the ride!!! It was a long 6 hour ride!!! I had to stay in the cramped car, either on my bed on the floor or on my owner's back, (after about an hour of me squriming on her back she didn't let me sit on her lap anymore!) I didn't get sick or have any accidents in the car, so that was good! After the first hour I calmed down and slept, for 5 hours straight!

After riding for a few hours we stopped at Arby's to stretch our legs and grab a bite!

But of course they didn't order anything for me!!!

So we all got settled back in for more hours of riding!!!


It was ;ate, maybe 8 something, when we got to the beach house. It was a really cool place, the fence was really great! I was just happy to be out of the car! (I think everyone was!)

The beach!

Well I've never been to the beach before and it was pretty scary!!! Big waves crashing in people and dogs everywhere!!! It was exciting! I could only go on the beach before 9am and after 5pm but that was ok, I wasn't too fond of the beach anyway!!!

Neat sand castle huh?

There were PLENTY of things to bark at! (My owner was a little frustrated because I barked too much, but when she brought treats I did better!)

When we weren't on the beach it was just mostly just R&R!!!

Well before too long it was time to pack up and get in the car for 6 more hours of sleep and plenty of BarlowGirl in the MP3Player! My owner had lonts more pictures but seeing as school starts tomorrow we ddidn't want to spent all night on blogger!!!

It sure is!!!



Rusty and Bandit said...

Cool! I want to go to the beach SO bad. You're starting school tomorrow? I think we're spending this week preparing and starting next week. Anyway, great pix!

Anna Marie and Rusty

Shadow said...

OH so it's Rusty and Bandit now huh? So are u going to let Bandit do his own posts?

Shadow said...

Oh and everyone there's some spelling errors, but we were typing late at night and I didn't re-read it, so far I've notived wer, means were and ;ate means late. Sorry!!!

The Brax Blog said...

I am going to a beach next week!
Mabye I should try and stay away from the waves!
Like the photos, I notice you have the same bag holder on your lead taht I have (had).


Cybill said...

Thanks for writing this.