Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

My card from Josie's owner
My treats from Josie's owner

My moving ball from Josie's owner

My new tennis ball

This is my favorite new toy!

My new rope toy

My new burrito

My first b-day present from my owner/trainer

And look it's reversible!

Josie just ran around with hers!

It was really good!

My birthday "cake"

It's my birthday today!!! As of today I am 1 years old! I had a little party too! My owners were gone and busy in the kitchen so I thought that they forgot! But then Josie came over! Her owner got me a present!!! And my owners made brownies for the people and a BIG dog biscuit for me and Josie!!! But I got jealous and didn't want Josie to have my piece! So we had to break it in half. I ate mine but Josie just kept walking around the room with hers! I got lots of presents! I hope you like them! (BTW there's a vid of me with my new green ball, it moves by itself!!)



Kara & Jen II said...


Love Kara & Jen :-)

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Yay, Shadow! I had no idea he was so young--practically a baby. Do you think he has enough birthday presents? ;D Our guide dog puppies only get to spend one birthday with us, so I try to make it a really special one!

Happy Birthday Shadow!

Pamperedpawgifts said...

Yappy Birthday!

Anna Marie and Rusty said...

Happy Birthday, Shadow! Too bad you didn't get to have all your doggy friends over like your owner wanted to, but you still had Josie! Happy B-Day again!

The Brax Blog said...

Happy birthday!
I like the green ball!