Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting a service dog!!!

Well my trainer was so excited that I'll just let her tell you:

Hey everybody!!! We have a lady in our congregation that got a service dog yesterday, he's so cute! He didn't have on his vest because it was his meeting everyone day! He is so adorable! His name is Larkin. I got to walk him twice! And his doodie is twice as big as Shadow's!! But I didn't mind! Larkin is almost two years old and is a black lab. Well I know that you can't wait to see him so here's some pics!!! (Oh and Shadow don't worry, you can meet him when we go camping!)

---Sarah and Shadow


Is he adorable?

He was really obedient!

Larkin and his owner

Larkin's bandanna, made by Anna Marie

Shadow's bandanna made by Anna Marie

See how it looks on Rusty?

Thanks Anna Marie and Rusty! They look great!!!


The Brax Blog said...

It's so much fun meeting service animals!!!
Frankie's trainer

Rusty and Bandit said...

Your welcome! And Frankie, I'm making a bandana for you too!

Anna Marie