Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Therapy: 2nd visit!

Whew! Visiting all those people sure did make me thirsty!!!
My trainer/owner holding my leash while I pose for the picture

Are we there yet? How about now?

Well we've had a very busy day! We woke up early, got ready and went to another nursing home! This time we didn't have to go into everyone's different rooms, we just saw a bunch of people in one room, next time we go I can bring my agility course and show them!!! I was really shy at first, more so than at the other place, but we weren't there as long. I did my tricks for people I even stayed when my owner/trainer put down my leash, even though other people were calling me! I can't wait to go back!



Kara & Jen II said...

That is AWESOME, Shadow!!!

Kara & Jen

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Poodles are simply adorable.

Kara & Jen II said...

Oh, and no, I can't keep the same background for me than a week, I will admit it! Um, Photoshoppers Anonymous? LOL. :-)

Kara (& Jen!)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I can't wait until I do pet therapy, too.

TGHB said...

Hi, Shadow! We at The Good Home Blog wanted to say hello to you and to applaud you for what you are doing. We think Pet Therapy is a wonderful program for nursing home residents and other health care facilities.

We know from experience that our residents LOVE to have pets visit them. The visits you and other animals like you brighten up the days of our residents and make them very happy.

Lots of our residents used to have animals before they had to move to a nursing home. They miss the company and love their animals provided them. So when they get to meet a new animal like you, they are very excited.

We hope you keep doing what you do and hope you find it to be just as fun and exciting as our residents do.

Here, have a virtual doggie treat from us as a thank you!