Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going to Grandma's!!

Packing the back-pack

I like "Land Before Time" toys!

I'm stealing Duckey!!!

Hey guys!

On Saturday night my owner and her brothers went to their Granparents house, the great thing is, they brought me!! I really wanted to go on the car ride and was almost surprised when they allowed my to go! But I whined the whole way, I mean car rides are ok, but long ones aren't for me. So anyway, not llong after we got there mom and dad left! I kept expecting them to come back, but they didn't all night!! We played and my owners watched movies and stuff. After a while it was time for bed, I really didn't want to go, but my owner made me. I kept both of us awake half the night, I just couldn't go to sleep in the dark and boring Play Room. Finally it was time to wake up! My owner woke up then I woke up and then after waking Pawpaw up, we went outside, they have a fence but I stayed on the leashe, Sadie, the nieghbor's dog, doesn't like me very much, and I can slip out of the fence at the entrence. I wasn't allowed to wake everyone up, but they soon were all awake anyway! And then Mawmaw had good smelling breakfast sizzling on the stove! But, wouldn't you guess, they would even let me have one biscuit!!! Around lunch time mom and dad came back for us! I was soooo happy to see them! After all, Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house is grat, but they don't have aproper window to look out! We did commands and stuff while we were there, my owner made me do "Under" the whole time she was eating her Chicken Noodle Soup!! I'm just learning that command so Sarah likes to do it with me! She says I'm doing good with it, so I posted a video to show you!


Me doing "Under"

My appologies for all the noise in the back ground, Sarah's brother and Mawmaw were talking about poodles and dogs and stuff. I hope you can tell what's going on!

Tricks envolved:



"Heel" (My owner said it twice then said "Better", I don't always get "Heel" the way she wants it so I have to do it again!"

"Get the Leash"

I Do "Sit" but that's envolved in "Heel".


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Good job!

I hope woo had fun AND impressed evfurrybody!!


The Brax Blog said...

Like the video!
Are you going to share tomorrow?

Frankie's trainer

Rusty and Bandit said...

Good job! I'm on my way over to my blog to post a video of my tricks! Hoping to learn to pick up things, but I want to get through Level One of Levels Training first. I know some other tricks not listed in Level One, too. Only thing with Levels Training is that you sometimes need more than one person...


Raising Addie said...

Way to go!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog! It is a pleasure to meet you and your family!

May I add you to my fav fur blog list? I enjoy reading your stories and seeing your pictures.


P.S. I know I shouldn't have donuts, but one little one can't hurt every now and then... :)

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Aw, I like the first pic. :)

Raising Addie said...

You sure can ad us! We would be honored.

I am doing my best in training so I can be a good therapy dog. We will have to keep in touch on our progress.


Larkin and Kimberley said...

WOW Shadow! You are soooooo good at this! Sarah must be doing something very well - or you're just a very smart little boy!! Probably both huh?!

Can't wait to meet ya when we go camping in 9 more days!

We had a big weekend when we went to Wilmington to see Kimberley's girlfriends & go to the River Fest.

I was very good when we visited the Temple there, but afterwards I almost ate a Yorkie for lunch! She growled at me first and wasn't very nice... the lil' pip squeek, but I knew better so I just sat & greeted her with a growl too! I got in trouble though.

C ya!

Sarah and Shadow said...

Lol, Larkin!
Yeah I'm the smartest dog in the world!!!

No you're not! If you're so smart than why can't you stop stealing things from the trash can and eating them up? Does shreding Kleanex's sounds intellingent to you?

Hey!! That's not nice!

Niether is chewing up my stuff!

What stuff? *putting on cute face*

Ok ok, I'm sorry come here

Hee hee! I'm so cute I get away with anything!

Shadow!!! What's this bouncy ball doing in the living room floor??

OOOOOPSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! She wasn't supposed to see that! Gotta go!!

btw, Larkin you should do a post about your vacation!

Sarah and Shadow said...

Oh and I did say "better" not "butter" even though that's what it may sound like!!


Sarah and Shadow said...

I was talking about the video

sorry about all of our comments!!

Sarah and Shadow

Pippa said...

Trips are good fun aren't they?

I go under my table, but not because I am told, but it is a fine den.

You are very well behaved.

Lois Lane/Laney said...

I love going to grandma and grandpa's. They spoil me rotten!