Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quirky Shadow!

A note from my owner/trainer:
I've been reading other guide dog blogs and saw that a few others are writing about they're dogs in trainings' quirks and I thought "Hey! That might not be such a bad idea!" Becuase my dog Shadow, is a pretty weird dog! lol
So here's the list!

1 He's a poodle and poodles are watewr loving dogs, but Shadow is scared of water! (and just about everything else!)

2 After a bath he runs around like mad, and he does that sometimes when you stare him in the eye he'll go crazy too!

3 When he eats he grabs a few bites, runs ito the living room with them and then drops them and picks them up one by one and then eats then!

4 When Shadow gets tired from running around he pants with his tongue hanging out in front, but the other dog I train, Josie sticks her tongue to the side and when he plays with her he sticks his tongue to the side the way she does!

5Shadow tears apart his dog bed no matter how many times I repair it!

6 When I give Shadow a piece of ice he plays with it at first, then he sits down and licks and bites it till it's real small then he leaves it on the rug to melt.

7 Shadow only chases his tail after a bath.

8 After Shadow gets done from his running laps around the house, he'll lay down on something, the ground, pillow blanket, then he digs real fast on it and after we call him down he just sits on it and lets out a snort, cause he didn't get his way!

9 When you get on Shadow's nerves or don't give him what he wants he'll sneeze at you.

10 He often has one of his ears filpped over and his left one is flipped up right now!

11 He has to greet everybody! If someone comes over that he hasn't greeted he'll sit and whine the whole time they're here!

Well that's all I can think of, why don't you put together a "quirk list" and post it on your dog's blog!

Shadow's owner/trainer


Anna Marie and Rusty said...

Funny! I guess everyone has their quirks!

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Elizabeth and Alana said...

He sounds like a funny guy. :) I love #9.