Sunday, July 6, 2008

New commands!

Me doing "stand"

My owner is finally going to teach me something new! We're now working on "stand", next we'll do "bow" then "switch" I can't wait! After those commands I might learn "play dead" that one might be a little hard to learn though, another one that I might learn is to go "potty" on command, but that's a different story!



Shadow said...

Oh and don't forget "quiet" that's one we're going to work on, in fact right now your barking at the neighbors!

The Brax Blog said...

Are you talking about 'switch" like we use with the guide dogs?


Shadow said...

Yeah, the brax blog, that's right! It could be useful someday so I think I'll teach him that one.

Shadow's ownewr/trainer

Anna Marie and Rusty said...

My owner's still in the process of training me; it's been a pretty busy summer so far, so I'm a little behind!

Shadow said...

I think I'll still be in training forever Anna MArie and Rusty! I mean there are so many things to learn training takes a while! And I haven't learned a new trick or command in quite a while well "get it" is kind of a new one for me