Saturday, July 5, 2008

Watching Kittens!

Hey there little girl, let's play!
Let me out!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Sandstorm "playing"

Sandstorm closests white and orange, and Dustpelt farther black and white

My owners are watching over some friends kittens! They are sooooo cute! But my owners won't let me get out there! They stay out on the pateo and sometimes I sit ad stare at them and bark and they sit and the door and look at me! Their names are Sandstorm and Dustpelt, from the book series , warriors my owners are watching them for Anna Marie while she went camping, I slipped out there once and I just sniffed the kittens and they just sniffed me!


Anna Marie and Rusty said...

Thanks for watching them!

Shadow said...

you're welcome Anna Marie!

Shadow's owner/trainer