Friday, July 17, 2009

Another post!

Well since I'm here at the computer, rather than putting it off, I should do a REAL update!


So far this summer has been pretty uneventful. Other than Sarah's cousins coming over and an Pet Therapy, I haven't done much. So I'll post some pix of me!


Sarah got a new camera a few months ago and was playing around with her camera.

At the nursing home.


Here's a video of me playing with a balloon. It's a little long, because Sarah likes to play with her camera and didn't turn it off. lol :)

(Oh and just ignore the background sound, Sarah was watching a movie, so that's what that is)


P.S. Can anyone guess the movie we're watching? If you can you're a genius or know me very well.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I don't have to even listen to what's playing in the background!

Anna Marie

Shadow, how can you even touch those things? Balloons are SCARY!!!!!!!!!